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| Sears Holdings Corp. |

I worked with Sears corporate for 12 years. I was the senior copywriter and editor for the Home Appliance and Mattress issues of Sales Today magazine. The magazines were distributed to Sears sales associates nationwide and they focused on products and how to sell them — specifically, how they would benefit customers. I wrote about products from almost every brand you can think of: Kenmore, GE, LG, Maytag, Whirlpool and more. We also covered internal news and took the lead on special projects.

Sabbath Mode

This was an interesting article! I got to research Sabbath Mode and explain how it assists customers who observe the Sabbath and other religious holidays in Judaism.

GE Café Relaunch

I covered A LOT of new products and lines throughout my 12-year career at Sears. This is one of the last lines I wrote about, and the lineup is so pretty!


I always enjoyed writing about products that were more earth friendly. Sears was an ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year, helping customers find efficient home appliances.

Knowledge Center

My team didn’t write only to associates — we translated select articles to be consumer-facing, and they are available online at the Sears Knowledge Center.

| Universal American Financial Corp. |

I wrote newsletters, brochures, mailers, and more for this health and life insurance company. I took the lead on two newsletters: one weekly and one monthly.

Today’s Options

This newsletter article focused on the Medicare Advantage Private Fee-For-Service product.


This article was an important reminder for Universal American employees.

Community Article

This was a fun day in the office and a fun event to share in the newsletter!

Enrollment Surge

I covered some Best Practices with insurance agents in this article.

| Next Galaxy Media |

Remember F.Y.E., Media Play, Sam Goody, and Suncoast? You know, back when you had to wear pants and leave home to buy music or movies? I worked on a small team that supplied magazines to customers of these nearly-extinct mall haunts. Fun Fact: I worked in a Sam Goody for a spell before this and was known as the alternative music expert.

Mary J. Blige

A “coming soon” teaser for the upcoming Mary J. Blige album in 2005.


I got to do a little interview with the band Fielding.

The Class Of 98

It was fun talking to these guys! Be still my punk/rock-pop lovin’ heart.

Battle Rap

The dawning of BattleRap.com. (And…why I only used “he” instead of “he or she” is a question that will plague me for the rest of my days.)

| Nerdy Nothings Blog |

I wrote a few pieces for this pop culture/nerdery site. All of the contributors chose allerterative names. I wrote under the moniker Surely Steiner: Surely as in Surely Fünke from Arrested Development, and Steiner as in Daisy Steiner from Spaced. (And of course both of those have a connection to the film adaptation of Scott Pilgrim…)

| About Me |

I live in Grand Rapids, MI with my sweet, super-spoiled pupper, Neko. I love coffee, animals, music, and glitter. In my free time when I’m not writing for work, I’m writing for fun. If I’m not writing for fun, I’m thinking about wrting for fun. In those spare in-between times, I can be found crafting, trying to play an instrument, or buried in whatever is my latest sci-fi or fantasy obsession.

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